Flowers | Fleurs

I see Beauty in many things. Aesthetically I am inspired and excited by the beauty and detail in a flower and want to capture that in my work.

With my thought s and passion and with the use of brush and paint I try to give it life. I try to paint those with all my passion and very faithfully so that, I can share it with Universe.

To me the sexuality and sensuality of a flower that I portray in a painting is a direct celebration of the wonder of how it evolved; the purpose of the stamen, pollen, color and petals. There is huge thing common between artists and Scientist, and it is the ability to see things that others can’t see. As an artist a very simple thing as seeds can inspire me, but it won’t inspire everyone. I am always inspired by surrounding and nature surely plays a role there.

I want my Art Fans to release intense emotion by admiring my Art; I want their vivid and absorbing fantasies to trigger.

Lose yourself in the vibrancy and subtle colors and textures you see in these flowers.